Innovation Days

The T-FORS innovation forum is set up to promote cooperation with stakeholders, in order to explore further possibilities for the enhancement and sustainability of the service.

Two meetings dedicated to discussing innovation potential of the T-FORS will be organised:

T-FORS First Innovation Day, connected with the first release of the T-FORS prototype. The primary objective is the awareness of the potential users about the impacts of TIDs on their systems, about the basic prediction principles and about the basic functionalities of the T-FORS warning system. A discussion will be organised on how to report problems, questions, recommendations for improvements.

T-FORS Second Innovation Day, linked with the Release of the final T-FORS prototype. The goal is to receive feedback from groups from their experience in using the first release, and to discuss potential application of T-FORS services in the production chain to mitigate Space Weather risks. The meeting will address technical, policy, organisational and sustainability issues. Selected users will be invited to present their experience on the improvements reached with the application of the mitigation techniques designed based on T-FORS results.