T-FORS First Innovation Day

The T-FORS First Innovation Day was organised on Thursday 23 November 2023 at 17:00-20:00 CET. It took place as a specific event during the European Space Weather Week 2023 (ESWW 2023), in the “SPOT” room. Thirty participants - T-FORS members, scientists and stakeholders - attended the meeting, which was hybrid.

The event aimed at presenting the T-FORS project and discussing with stakeholders about their needs and priorities in TID forecasting services. In addition, presentations of end-users needs were also given. The event was completed by a round table, where stakeholders' needs were discussed and experiences were shared.

During the round table, feedback from stakeholders of the domain was very positive and the T-FORS project appeared relevant, covering the expectations of end-users. It appeared particularly interesting for different electromagnetic systems such as all systems using satellite positioning (GNSS with or without integrity information produced by SBAS systems), producing forecasts in the form of alert levels to TIDs. The interest of T-FORS outputs for electromagnetic systems in HF band (typically communications links or over the horizon sky wave radars), were also discussed. The impact of TIDS on low frequency SAR systems onboard satellite and very low frequency astronomical observations was also discussed, with a need more focused on a posterior classification of observations.

In conclusion, the First Innovation Day has been considered as very successful by the community and appointment is made for the end of the project where the achievements will be very expected by the community.


Topic Duration Presenter
Part 1: T-FORS project: Concept and key achievements
Opening 5 min Dr Vincent Fabbro (ONERA)
General presentation of the project objectives 10 min Dr Anna Belehaki (NOA)
Presentation on preliminary users' needs 10 min Dr Ivan Galkin (BGD)
LSTID forecast 15 min Dr Luca Spogli (INGV)
MSTID forecast 15 min Dr Sivakandan Mani (IAP-L)
Tests and validation experiments 15 min Axel Garcia (ONERA with inputs from GFP)
Part 2: Presentations of end-users needs
ESA needs 15 min Juha-Pekka Luntama (ESA)
Industry 15 min Sebastien Trilles / Louis Hecker (TAS)
PICASUS project 15 min Kirsti Kauristi (FMI)
Part 3: Round Table